Nominator Node Unlock Period Delay

Ever since the Corona Virus broke out, the impact has been immense and turbulent in the global financial markets. With Bitcoin set to be halved, the shockwaves have also been seen in market sentiment. In order to mitigate short-term market risks, and enhance the long-term value of Suterusu, we are proposing a vote on the adjustment of the nominator nodes and their unlock periods.
Based on feedback from the community, this proposal has been revised:
1.Option C will be provided;
2. Suterusu Foundation provides 1,000,000 additional SUTER for rewards, plus all users will be rewarded by 2,000,000 SUTER based on their votes to both A, B and C;
3. Vote periods end on March 26 (what time)?
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Minutes
  • Seconds


Beginning April 10, 2020, the unlock period is completed in 180 days, with 1/180 unlocked daily


Delay the unlocking period for 6 months, until October 10, 2020. During this time, nominator nodes will continue to participate in the network mining


Nominator nodes will be treated with the same mining index as validator nodes. The nominator node release will start at Oct 10th 2020 at a rate of 1/180 daily. At the same time, the Suterusu team will not take part in the staking from Oct. 10th till the launch of main net.

A Plan

B Plan

C Plan