Suter DAO

Vote rule

1. Only unlocked Suter can be used for voting and there is no quantity limit for one person;

2.Total rewards of 1,000,000 SUTER will be provided by Suterusu Foundation and be distributed based on the quantity of votes ;

3.There is no difference for voting to A or B option in terms of rewards distribution;

4. The option with more votes will represent the views of the community, and Suterusu foundation has no say in the end result;

5.All SUTERs used for voting will be sent back to user’s account in the day after the completion of voting, while all rewarded SUTERs will be sent to user in 7 days after the completion of voting.

Community governance proposal No. 2
Nominator Node Unlock Period Delay

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Community governance proposal No. 1
Voting rules for the Validator Node competition

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