SUTERUSU Validator Node

Suterusu brings an unprecedented level of privacy to all the cryptocurrency in the world. It integrates a state-of-the-art trustless ZK-ConSNARK scheme with almost constant size proofs, efficient proof generation and verification. Based on our novel ZK-ConSNARK scheme, Suterusu also introduces a Suter Virtual Machine (SuterVM) that supports both anonymous payment schemes for smart contract platforms such as Ethereum and anonymous BTC cross-chain transfer module. Various sophisticated privacy-preserving DeFi functionalities such as collateral, Lending, DEX can be built on top of the technical modules provided by the SuterVM. To ensure the decentralization degree and responsiveness of our protocol, we adopt a novel on-chain governance mechanism, i.e., liquid decentralized meritocracy. In a word, Suterusu is an innovative privacy-protection protocol built on solid technology.

Why become a Suterusu Validator Node?

1) Become a Suterusu Validator Node to get mining rewards and commission fees. Stake 1 million Suter to become a validator node and participate in mining. At the same time, community members can be entrusted to participate in mining, and a 20% future mining rewards;

2) Suter’s economic model is a deflation model with a constant total amount. Participating in mining prevents the token from being diluted. The total amount of Suter token is 10 billion; the release is halved every two years since 2019. If you only hold the token and do not participate in POS mining, it means the dilution of the token share, and the staked token can avoid the dilution of the held token;

3) The validator node can obtain various transaction fees for application scenarios. After the Suterusu protocol is launched, various applications built on the Suter protocol, such as Suter Trade, SuterMIX, and Suter VM, will incur handling fees, and validator nodes can contribute to the Suter network while enjoying the share.

What are the incentives for early validator nodes?

1) "Reward reservation": When the computing power of the validator node is less than 10% of the total network computing power, the 10% mining reward will still be shared

2) “Doubled Hashing Power": The calculation coefficient of the validator node staked token and the delegated validator node voting token is set to 2;

The above two conditons are used simultaneously.

What does the validator node need to do?

1) Become a validator node of Suterusu, responsible for ZK Consnark verification, confirm transactions in the Suterusu system, and maintain the Suterusu ecosystem;

2) It is necessary to provide constructive proposals for the ecological development of Suterusu, and jointly promote the community's contribution to Suterusu.

3) The validator node can hold Suterusu promotion related activities, such as offline sharing activities, community governance discussions, etc., to expand Suterusu's influence.

How to apply for Suterusu validator node?

Individuals or teams who are willing to become Suterusu can log in to, click "become a validator node" and fill in the application form

How to exit the Suterusu validator node?

After the Suterusu protocol is launched, the validator node can choose to exit.The validator node needs to wait 90 days after applying for exit. After 90 days, the exit can be completed.