Delegate to Validator Node

Suterusu validator node campaign launched on Oct 30th, participating into delegation and get rewarded Double Power,Rank in top 15th are entitled to participating "Reward reserve" program

How to vote for Validator Nodes?

Click “Delegate” on the My Wallet page, select the validator node and the number of delegation to complete the delegation. You can also click each row in the validators nodes ranking table on the homepage to enter the validator node details page, and click "Start Staking" to vote.

How to revoke my vote?

On the "My Wallet" page, click “Delegate” and click "Manage My Delegates in "My Delegates”, select the delegation you want to withdraw and click "Remove Delegation”. It will take 15 days to cancel the delegation from the day, the withdrawn is generated During this period, users will still have the daily mining rewards generated by this part of the delegation. Click "History" to view the historical execution of the cancellation of the delegation.

When the system completes the task of canceling the vote, the voting history and the status of the canceled vote will be updated to "Revoked".