Delegate to Validator Node

Suterusu validator node campaign launched on Oct 30th, participating into delegation and get rewardedDouble Power,Rank in top 15th are entitled to participating"Reward reserve" program

How to delegate to validator node?

Go to "My Wallet", choose a validator node and amount to delegate, or choose a node from the validator node list on home page and click on "Delegate" to delegate your tokens to this node. how_to_withdraw_delegate: How to withdraw my delegate?

How To Withdraw Delegate

Go to "My Wallet", click on "My delegate" and choose "Withdraw delegate", input the amount you intend to withdraw and it will be in effect immediately, your token will become available in following 15 days and you will be rewarded during this 15 days period. And you can cancel the withdraw during this 15-day period by click the cancel the withdraw.

Please do not submit another withdraw before the previous completed.

When the withdraw complete, it will appear to be "withdrawn" in your delegate history.