Suter Dao

Suter Dao is going live!

Our community has been participating in the Bear's Ark program since Dec 2019.

We have received 160M total delegates , and an extra 32M SUTER token reward has been distributed to our participants.

To encourage more members to be involved in community governance, our community has decided to establish Suter Dao, which is a practice used for the community to propose referendum, and vote to come to any important ecosystem decisions.We will use a similar model such as delegation to validator nodes; and members who delegate to Suter Dao will also get rewards.As decided by our community, Suter Dao goes online on 1 March 2020. A prior program like Bear's Ark will be carried into this.

1 Nominators, Validators, as well as Validator Candidates and their delegator, are all eligible for this program;

2. Choose any validator candidate node, and have at least 85% of your daily rewards delegated to share 10% of the all mining rewards, in which the percentage is calculated on mining power index;

3 Validator node candidates must join this program as a prerequisite to receiving delegates, and the minimal rate needs to be 88%. Nodes will charge delegators 20% rewards as an operation cost.

4 Suter Dao duration lasts for three months, in between two rounds, and there is one day set for anyone to leave the program. 10% of the total rewards will be transferred into their account balance, and the rest will be released in the next 15 days, linearly.

5 A delegate can only be withdrawn at the end of each round. However, anyone can participate in the delegate at any point.

Game LeapFog

Come and Push me out, you will win then

Game LeapFog Rules

1) To participate, you need put 1000SUTER in, and line up in order to join the game;

2) As long as 2 more players lined up, the first one in line will be pushed out of the line with 2000SUTER as reward

3) If you invite one more player to join this game, you will be moved 3 people ahead in the line

Bear's Ark Plan

"Bear's Ark program" Launched on Dec.19, 2019. Participate into one-click automatically delegate, share 10% of total reward everyday.

Bear's Ark program rule

1). nominator, validator and delegates are all entitled to this program;

2). Choose a validator node to automatically delegate your daily reward, share an extra 10% of total rewards reserved for this program, distribution utilize the same rules as normal delegation;

3). Validator needs to participate into this program to receive others delegation, the minimal percentage of auto-delegate is not lower than 88%

4). Program duration: Dec. 9th 2019 - Feb 28th 2020, users are free to join during the program, but not withdraw until the end;

5). Accumulated reward will be distributed from 2020.3.1 on daily basis in 15 days linearly.