Suter Dao

Suter DAO launch announcement

Suter DAO is a decision-making mechanism for voting on community-related issues, and referring to the node model, users can vote to Suter DAO to share mining rewards.

On March 1, 2020, Suter DAO was officially launched. The implementation plan is as follows:

1.Both the Validator Node and the delegators of the validator node can participate in the voting;

2.Participation form, select a certain validator node and automatically vote 88% of the daily rewards to participate in the 10% reward distribution, the distribution is still based on the principle of computing power;

3.The validator node participates in the automatic re-investment, and the voting users can participate in the automatic re-investment. The minimum automatic re-investment ratio is 88%, and the node still enjoys a 20% handling fee;

4.Suter DAO is open for withdrawal once every 3 months, 1 day each time, users can apply for withdrawal of the current mining reward on the day of opening, and the 10% reward will be credited immediately. The remaining 15 antennas are released.

5.You can apply to withdraw from SUTER DAO every three months. You can vote at any time during the rest of the time, but you cannot exit early.