SUTERUSU Validator Node

Suterusu is a blockchain built with PoS as consensus, validator node play a critical role in the network, it functions proof verification, generating blocks.

Why to be a validator in Suterusu network?

1) Validator node get rewarded by staking and delegating commission. To be a validator node, 1M Suter token staked is the minimal requirements, being a validator node, you will also receive delegate from other users and share 10 - 20% of user's delegate rewards as commission;

2)Suter is deflation based and constant total supply, staking your token to decrease the dilution. Suter token total supply is 10B;halving every 2 years. If you only hold the token and not participating into staking, the value of your token will be diluted;

3)Validator node will share the fee generated from different use scenarios. When mainnet goes live, those use scenarios within the network needs pay validator node to function, such as privacy payment, privacy transaction, privacy auction, etc.

Programs to stimulate early validator nodes

1)"Oasis program": Those who become the first 8 node will receive 2M tokens loan from foundation to help them become validator nodes, which means the first 8 applicants only needs 8M token to become a validator node;

2)"Reserved reward": If the total mining power of validator node become lower then 10% of whole network, 10% of total reward will be reserved for them;

3)"Double the power": Validator node and those who delegate to validator node have 2 times mining power than normal users;

Anyone can participate to the programs above simultaneously.

What validator node should do?

1)A validator node needs to verify proof, generate blocks, and contribute to the stability of the network, etc;

2)Help with the ecosystem and propose constructive solutions.

3)Organize events to promote Suterusu, like meetup, online governance seminars, etc.

How to apply to be a validator node

Any individuals or organizations can log into and fill in the form, or contact suteruru on WeChat